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Post by Dramasailor on Thu Dec 10, 2015 9:34 pm

For the most part, we will run Pathfinder as a Play By Post to start. However, if anyone wants to run a game in another setting, by all means let me (Dramasailor) know. I will set you up a set of forums on this page with you as a moderator so you can run your own game. Since we are playing whatever we want, feel free to define your own homebrew rules and restrictions per setting. Likely, we'll have to set up Usergroups for individual games to make sure people can post in the appropriate areas.

Let's have fun!

The site is configured to allow dice rolls in your post. This is done by putting a roll tag in the post like this (remove the asterisks):


This will roll 2d6 and appears like this:

Dramasailor carried out 2 launched of one d6 (Image not informed.) :
4 , 6

No, I've not found a way to get rid of the "Dramasailor carried out 2 launched of one" tag.
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